Circus Performance 

              - Trenton Circus Squad- 

Everything important I’ve learned in life, I’ve learned by performing in a circus. For the past five summers, I have been a member of the Trenton Circus Squad. My troupe and I practice “social circus.” Bringing shows to youth groups, shelters, nursing homes, and underserved communities around Trenton, New Jersey. After performances, we teach our skills to children in the audience. Through circus I have had the pleasure of learning daring stunts and amusing tricks; but the most important life skills I learned from circus are patience, trust, and the value of giving. 


Trenton Circus Squad has been been featured in the New York Times, Women's World Magazine, The Associated Press, Buzzfeed, US News & World Report, on local news channels.  This past summer, Trenton Circus Squad was invited by the National Endowment for the Arts to present a spotlight panel about the importance of "social circus" during the annual SmithsonianFolklife Festival on The National Mall.  


The experience of performing in a circus has been a life changing one for me.   

Being a member of the Circus Squad has expanded my world by requiring me to interact with people with backgrounds very different than my own. It  pushed me to revaluate my definition of teamwork.   

It also inspired me to adopt healthier habits, as I had to be physically fit  to perform.  Over the course of five years, social circus transformed me into a more compassionate person.