I believe that photography, and by extension cinematography, is the perfect tool for expressing the human experience. Photography can capture the quiet nuances of life in an unfiltered way. When captured correctly, someone's expressions and body language share a convey a story that has a greater emotional impact than the image itself. Below are galleries that feature my  best work in press, portrait, travel, and fine art photography.

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Press Photography 

The gallery below shows the best shots from concerts I have covered for Boston University's on-campus radio station, WTBU. 


The gallery below shows various portraits that I have taken since 2017. I have done work as a freelance photographer shooting senior portraits for my high school classmates and for seniors at Boston University. I have also shot portraits to feature alongside profile articles that I wrote for 

Art Photography 

These images were taken as part of a series or to explore the artistic elements of photography. The first five images were all taken as part of a series titled "Chose your weapon". This series seeks to capture the light musicians bring into the world with their instruments of mass creation. The last three images were taken for assorted projects and on photowalks in the wilderness. 

Rock On
Piano 2
Tuned In
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Boston University Portrait Project

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