Community Service 

"The City Beautiful, is Solar Beautiful"


Girl Scout Gold Award Project

The Girl Scout Gold Award project I created is entitled "the City Beautiful is Solar Beautiful." My goal is to educate Coral Gables Residents about renewable forms of energy, such as solar power, by installing solar-powered benches that charge mobile devices.  This project supports the City's sustainability plan and will hopefully inspire local elected officials to integrate more environmentally friendly amenities for its residents. I wrote the project proposal, contacted city officials, assembled a team of advisors, identified possible vendors, and researched sources of possible funding. Finally, I created a digital presentation to promote the project and presented it before the full Coral Gables City Commission and it's Sustainability Board. I was so happy that the project was approved and that the Commission agreed to fund a pilot program. The solar powered benches will be in place later this summer!


Participating in this process taught me about the legislative process and about the value of civic engagement. Hopefully this community service project will add another dimension my City's sustainability plan and will show residents that they don't have to change their lifestyle to use green energy. 



As an active Girl Scout for the past eleven years, I have contributed my time to dozens of community service projects, both direct and indirect. These include: assisting in preparing 56,000 meals for Haiti; “Spread the Bread” which provides Thanksgiving baskets to needy families, baking holiday pies each year for The Miami Rescue Mission and numerous beach cleanups.  Recently, I have also joined the Boy Scouts of America through their Venture Crew program. Every venturing activity that the crew participates in must have at least one service component. We have done beach cleanups, volunteered to mentor younger scouts, and raised funds for local non-profit organizations. 















During the 2015-2016 Florida legislative session, I applied and was accepted to serve as a Senate Page. This experience was significant because I learned about the legislative process at the State level. I engaged in debating, mock voting on legislation, and discussed current events, and issues affecting Floridians. I also met other students with similar interests in government and had the opportunity to speak with the Governor.  

Sacred Heart Network Service Projects

#ProjectNAO and Robotics

 I was one of two students selected by my school to be a mentor during a summer STEM Program for inner-city children. I taught students computer programming for the NAO humanoid robots and basic engineering.  At my school, I have been fortunate to have access to advanced technology such as 3-D printers, the latest computer programs and a variety of robotics tools. I realized the technology literacy gap that exists as the inner city children I worked with had no access to these tools.  


During the school year, I also participate in my school's VEX robotics program and the Society of Women Engineers.  I serve as Captain of the high school team that builds robots and takes them to competitions, the only all-girls robotics team in the district.  


Food Deserts in the Land of Plenty 

During my sophomore year, I applied and was selected to participate in a community service project in Chicago to explore issues related to hunger and food scarcity in urban areas. The project was entitled "food deserts in the land of plenty. It gave me the opportunity to provide direct service to local food charities and shelters. This experience opened my eyes to the challenges which low-income urban communities face accessing fresh produce and affordable healthy foods, leading to greater rates of diabetes and other health issues. It made me aware that real hunger exists in America, right in our midst.