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Writing was my first love and where I found my voice. Today my writing spans several genres including screen/teleplays, late-night comedy monologues, lifestyle articles, critical film reviews, think pieces, and really anything that captures my interest! Click the images below to view my work.



Sitcoms are what inspired me to pursue a career in television. At BU, I developed two pilots as part of sitcom and web series development courses. I also served as a staff writer on a student-produced sitcom, The News.  

Late Night Monologues and Sketches

Late-night tv writing is my playground. I can give my two cents on current events and pop culture with an edgy twist. I have written pieces in the voices of current late-night hosts and in my own. 
Screenshot at Sep 20 12-35-35.png
Screenshot at Sep 20 12-35-35.png




Lifestyle Articles 

I was a longtime editor and contributor to Her Campus, the #1 magazine for college women. My articles ran the gambit of topics - from political opinion to relationship advice. No matter the subject, I approached everything with a personal tone that resonated with my audience of Gen Z readers.
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